Anyone using BDM to debug RTEMS on a 68332 platform?

Mike Panetta ahuitzot at
Wed Apr 10 02:48:09 UTC 2002

I have been trying to debug a serial problem with the MRM port, related
to interrupt driven serial IO, but I have run into an unexpected problem
with (I suspect) GDB with the BDM driver.  It does not seem to be able
to report the correct values of some variables on the stack, but not all
the time.  I have tested that the value of the variable is what I think
it really is by doing a printk(), and it prints the correct value, but
display, or print will not in GDB.  I can even dump the stack with x /4x
$sp and I can see what I expect is the correct value at the correct
location on the stack, but print still does not work.  So has anyone
else here used GDB + the BDM patch on a 68332 platform and experienced a
similar problem?  Has anyone experienced this problem on the ColdFire? 
Oh, and another GDB commnd that does not work properly is bt, because of
the same reason I suspect.  My hunch is that the problem is related to
inline code confusing GDB, but thats only a guess, I have no real way to
test it.  I have tried, but could not reproduce the problem in my
limited test case.

Thanks for any help,

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