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Tue Apr 16 11:46:36 UTC 2002

GBA is a cheap ARM target + broadly available,
May I suggest a cheap ARM target + not so broadly available ?

The GP32 is an handheld game console, very similar to the GBA for pricing and form factor, but more powerfull/open and with a smaller company than Nintendo behind it. It _does_ play MP3, among other things.

Heard of it from :
(Game Park Handheld Encourages Open Development)

Specs :
CPU 32 Bit RISC CPU, ARM920T processor (CPU speed selectable: ~67MHz is standard, up to 130MHz when running from internal cache only seems possible), 16kbytes Instruction cache, 16kbytes Data cache, RTOS (Can be disabled for max performance)
Display: TFT 3.5" Reflective TFT LCD(65,536 colors) 320 X 240 Pixels
ROM 512 Kbytes
Storage SMC(Smart Media Card)
PC Connection Cable USB
Port connection cable
Sound 16Bit PCM Stereo Sound, MIDI support (over 32 poly), 4 Channel WAV Mixing 
Power 2 AA Batteries (12 Hours use time between charges)
MP3 MPEG(I,II) Audio Support < - - - - according to the FAQ, this takes a lot of ressources (= can't play game at the same time)
Controls 8-Way directional pad (joystick) + Durable 6 key buttons
Wireless multi-player gaming < - - - how = ???
Internet Connectivity Online multiplayer game can be played by high-speed Internet connection < - - - how = ???

Manufacturer (korean):

Manufacturer Dev site (english):

A distributor (Honk-Kong based, ship worldwide) :
price is 150 USD, 180 euros ( + shipping)

An non-official dev site :
FAQ from this site :

Other cool target suggestion:
Now, if someone want to make cool gadgets using rtems on an as-cheap-but-a-bit-bigger target, I would also suggest the Sega DreamCast console (to be discontibnued soon). Lots of horsepower : 200 MHz Hitachi SH4, Linux and BSD have been ported already, so low-level code available. Pointers to doc available if requested (quite easy to find anyway). I payed my used DC smtg like 115 euros (100 USD), Linux booted on it from day one.
Jean-Baptiste Maillet

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