device driver code that can response to SEEK_END

Pattara Kiatisevi pkiatisevi at
Wed Apr 24 14:26:36 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I still have problem with this seeking problem with my device driver code.
I found it has problem when there is a call fseek(x,0,SEEK_END). Anybody
has idea how should i write the device driver code to let this SEEK_END
work. I mean how should I update these variables:

typedef struct {
    rtems_libio_t          *iop;
    off_t                   offset;
    unsigned8              *buffer;
    unsigned32              count;
    unsigned32              flags;
    unsigned32              bytes_moved;
} rtems_libio_rw_args_t;

So far I just check if offset > mydatasize then return with bytes_moved =

Thank you very much,
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Ott Pattara Kiatisevi 				   T L W G
M.Sc. INFOTECH Student, Stuttgart, Germany

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