MPC8260ADS and Linux

Steven Grunza steven_grunza at
Thu Apr 25 21:12:55 UTC 2002

I now have a borrowed Motorola MPC8260ADS that I need to get running really 
quickly to do some performance testing and "proof of concept" testing.

RTEMS looks like the ideal "OS" for this task but I haven't been able to 
get the tools, utilities and snapshot from 20020301 to work under NetBSD

I'm willing to try switching a PC from NetBSD to RedHat in order to try and 
get a usable environment.  I have RedHat 7.1 disks and could probably get 
7.2 if it would work better but here's the question:

What version of Red Hat should I use for RTEMS development on a PC?  Should 
I use a different flavor of Linux?  My experience with the cygwin tools has 
been that they sometimes work, sometimes don't so I would rather not try 
using cygwin under Windows if I can avoid it.


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