posix platform and pthread

Pattara Kiatisevi pkiatisevi at student.ei.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Apr 29 12:58:21 UTC 2002


1.RTEMS-4.5.0 on Linux. I did: '../configure --enable-posix
--prefix=/usr/local/ott-rtems --enable-tests' and then 'make && make
install' but I could not find libposix.a (in order to use pthread) under
/usr/local/ott-rtems/posix/lib/. Do I miss something here?

2.I tried to compile my code (that formerly worked on sparc-rtems) to
posix (x86) hoping that the debugging process will be easier. But in my
test program, the "open("/dev/soundinput", major,0)" statement seems to
want to open the real devices on the Linux filesystem instead of my device
driver's code for /dev/soundinput. Anybody has idea?

Thank you very much,

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