Gdb does not support target mips-mips-rtems

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sun Apr 14 14:01:58 UTC 2002

charles at wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please disregard my previous email.  I have discovered and corrected the
> configuration problems and I now have GDB-5.1.1 with the Insight Tck GUI
> front-end properly configured for mips-rtems and the Cygwin/XFree86
> environment.  I am now downloading over Ethernet and executing code on my
> NEC DDB-VRC5476 (NEC VR5432 CPU) development system using my newly
> constructed tools.  This was a major hindrance to my STB project because I
> was using the supplied Cygnus Pro tools circa 1999 (mips64vr5xxxel-elf-gcc,
> etc) to build rtems.  There are still some small issues, but when the task
> and thread awareness becomes stable enough I will make it available on my
> website.
> :)

The current snapshots have a thread-aware gdb serial stub for the mips.
I worked with Greg Menke to get it to work.  

FWIW this work is architected so that it should be relatively painless 
to use the thread specific part on any CPU.

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> > Hi all,
> > Firstly, I tried to search the mail list archives for an answer
> > to this question but the search function keeps returning with an
> > internal server error so I am forced to post this question to the
> > user's list.  I have successfully built the latest binutils, and
> > gcc+newlib for the 'mips-rtems' target, but insight-5.0 (gdb +
> > the insight front-end) fails with the 'Gdb does not support
> > target mips-mips-rtems' error.  Is there a patch fix for this?
> >
> > Charles
> >
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