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 I think I can help with this :)..

If you look back at the mail archive under April 2001 you'll find
someone that talks about this.. I have included one of the emails.

In Short:

By default RTEMS i386 stuff uses the DEC network driver. Not the most
common card in my opinion. Most cards are ne2000 clones. You might look
up your network card network chip and search on the web. See if you can
find this to be the case for your card. If you find out you don't have a
ne2000 card there are about 3 other drivers in Rtems that you can use.
The pcx86 BSP includes 3 network cards by default: Ne2000, Dec21140, and
wd8300. You must specify which one to use.

For a ne2000 card you need to go into: 


<RTEMS SRC>/c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/include/bsp.h then > make all

and add

#define BSP_NE2000_NETWORK_DRIVER_NAME      "ne1"
#define BSP_NE2000_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH    rtems_ne_driver_attach

and comment out the dec driver


Next you need to increase the numbers file handles to something like 30
or 40. You can do this in the init.c file in the netdemo directory. It
has to be done early in the file or it won't work.( I believe Joel told
us before "confdefs.h".

So add:


That should get you as far as I am.

Good luck

Bill Butler
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> To: Bill Butler
> Subject: RE: Netdemo examples.
> Hi Bill,
> I tried playing around with the PC BSP and TCP/IP
> stuff but I could never find a supported ethernet card.
> All the cards I tried would not boot up correctly.
> What PCI ethernet card and driver are you using?  Did you
> have to do any hacks to the driver to get RTEMS to
> boot correctly?  Any ideas where I could purchase this
> network card?
> Thanks
> Mike Siers
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> Subject: Netdemo examples.
> I bet this has been answered before but I still can not get the rtems
> search to work and have searched back to last april with now luck..
> I have the Netdemo4-5.0/netdemo up and working for the most part on a
> i386/PC486 BSP. I using the 4.5.0 release (no snapshots).  I can get
> demo to come up and request and receive an IP using BOOTP when in
> mode. It displays no errors and is able to create, bind, listen,
> sockets.
> The "u" test seems to work but "t" or tcp/ip test times out -- Giving
> "Can't connect socket: Connection timed out".
> I have also tried to hardcode its IP with the same results.
> Trying to ping the pc running Rtems/netdemo times out and trying to
> connect using telnet 24742 does not work as advertised.
> To me this sounds like a TCP/IP problem more than the demo problem and
> am hesitant to move on with development until I get this demo working.
> Questions are.
> 1) Does this demo still work under 4.5.0?
> 2) Should I try using the latest snapshot?
> Thank you
> Bill Butler
> AIPCom Inc
> 972-644-2328 x16
> bbill at

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