MPC8260ADS and Linux

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Apr 25 21:27:48 UTC 2002

Steven Grunza wrote:
> I now have a borrowed Motorola MPC8260ADS that I need to get running really
> quickly to do some performance testing and "proof of concept" testing.
> RTEMS looks like the ideal "OS" for this task but I haven't been able to
> get the tools, utilities and snapshot from 20020301 to work under NetBSD

I suspect this is just a matter of installing gmake and a couple
other tools in the front of your path. But ...

> I'm willing to try switching a PC from NetBSD to RedHat in order to try and
> get a usable environment.  I have RedHat 7.1 disks and could probably get
> 7.2 if it would work better but here's the question:

See and download what you want. :)

> What version of Red Hat should I use for RTEMS development on a PC?  Should
> I use a different flavor of Linux?  My experience with the cygwin tools has
> been that they sometimes work, sometimes don't so I would rather not try
> using cygwin under Windows if I can avoid it.

My main development was done under RH 6.2 and newer until around
December when my old SMP machine was replaced.  Now all OAR
primary development machines are running 7.2.

All RPMs on OARs ftp site are built on a RH 5.2 box.  Compatability
issues with RPM seem to be forcing us to make new RPMs on the 7.2 box.

I know others use SuSE, Debian, FreeBSD, and Darwin on the Mac
but will let them speak for themselves.

> Thanks.

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