MPC555 : wrong assembly instruction with GCC

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Tue Apr 30 12:53:13 UTC 2002

Hi Ralf,

> Anyway, does anybody know to which cpu the mpc555 is supposed to be
> compatible and whether the dcbf instruction only is not available on the
> mpc555, or other powerpcs, or powerpc-cpu-families too?

The mpc555 has a "rcpu" core from motrola, dedicated for 
automotive and control applications, where caches would bring 
too much "execution time jitter". AFAIK this core is only 
available in the MPC5xx family (MPC505, 509, 555,556, 
561,563,565,566). BTW, this core includes a FPU.

So in fact this is a unique cpu submodel and should be a 
dedicated target for the multilibs you are working on... Did I 
mention this model in my previous mails? I hope so...


> Ralf

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