termios problem

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Fri Aug 9 02:58:11 UTC 2002

I have found the problem.
The PC that I am using is a very old PC, which I think is not using a 
16550 UART and probably not full duplex. Everything worked fine at most 
times, however, if data was received at the same time, the Tx seemed to 
get lost, and so the transmit function never returned.

I overcame this by setting the retry time-out in the application that 
communicates with my RTEMS device to a slower speed. This overcame the 

I want to say, however, the problem did not occur on my embedded device 
(DIMMPC) because I think the UART is full duplex.

Andrew N. Maximov wrote:

>Hello Angelo,
>Thursday, August 08, 2002, 2:23:30 AM, you wrote:
>AF> Did you ever find the problem to this? I am having a similar problem now
>AF> on the pc386
>>>There is some problems with termios. System hangs after I try
>>>to output to console more than 64 characters. My configuration:
>>>RTEMS: RTEMS-4.5.0
>>>BSP: m68k
>My test is not correct. It calls printf function from timer's service
>routine. It is wrong. Because timer's routine is called from interrupt
>handler. If you need to output some debug info from isr, you must use
>printk. I have no problems with RTEMS-4.5.0 on MC68MH360, now. Our
>system based on RTEMS works about four months uninterruptedly. But we
>use RTEMS on pc386 for test's purpose only.

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