PC386 RTEMS_VIDEO_80x50 incompatible with serial-line console

Eric Norum eric.norum at usask.ca
Tue Aug 13 16:32:16 UTC 2002

I've submitted this as PR259, but Joel suggested that I might get a 
better response from this list.

I'm trying to produce an application which will work on hardware with a 
keyboard and video console and on hardware with just a serial line 
console.   The selection of console I/O is done at runtime by the 
RTEMS_RUNTIME_CONSOLE_SELECT code in i386/pc386/console/console.c  I'd 
like to use 80x50 on the video console, but when I define 
RTEMS_VIDEO_80x50 in i386/pc386/start/start16.S the application fails to 
work when run on hardware with just a serial line console.

The code in start16.S needs to check for the presence of a video adapter 
and not try to set up 80x50 operation if no adapter is present. I know 
too little about PC hardware, BIOS and assemblly language to be able to 
figure out how to do this myself, or even if this is possible.

Assistance eagerly awaited....
Eric Norum <eric.norum at usask.ca>
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Canada.
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