termios Q (tcsetattr() when using stdio)

Paul Evans paule at martex.gen.oh.us
Mon Aug 19 20:43:03 UTC 2002

Hi All,

After converting by BSP to termios (mainly for application
portability), I now can't figure out what the portable way of
doing a tcsetattr() is if I'm using libc stdio. Or more
specifically can I get a "int " file handle from a "FILE *"
stream pointer?

I guessing the answer is to open the file twice,
as a stream and using libio? Or could I 
open/tcsetsttr/close then go ahead and 
use streams knowing that the termios state
would stay intact? (Is this portable?)

And Yes I know I might look inside the FILE 
structure itself, but then the portability gods might
strike me down. I'd rather skip fprintf in leu of 
snprintf and write() the buffer.

Questions Questions...



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