Multilib question

Bill Butler billb at
Thu Feb 21 21:55:41 UTC 2002


First you have my deapest sinament about your family's loss.  I know
this is a tough time.


Could someone explain what multilib is for.  I get the feeling it is
Grand.. I just don't understand enough about it to know why.

But never wanting to be behind, today with 20020215 SS I installed with

../rtems-ss-20020215/configure --enable-multilib --prefix=/opt/rtems
make RTEMS_BSP="" preinstall
make RTEMS_BSP="" 

so now what.?
So I tried 
make RTEMS_BSP="<bsp>" preinstall  (working through a custom one )
make RTEMS_BSP="<bsp>" 
make install?

I have hunted around the past archive and online docs but have not found
any reference to multilib that explains it.

Thank you



>There is a new RTEMS snapshot in the usual place:


>It is a significant step forward in the move to
>a multilib'ed RTEMS and a separate BSP Kit.  There
>have been many changes to the configurery to get 
>to this point.  The i386, powerpc, sh, and sparc
>ports (I think) are the ones which still don't build
>multilib style.  Help is appreciated to get this
>all resolved.  What this means is that on those
>ports, you can't build without having information
>currently provided by libcpu or the BSP. To
>build multilib, do this:

>configure with --enable-multilib instead of --enable-rtemsbsp
>make RTEMS_BSP="" preinstall
>make RTEMS_BSP=""


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