link() fails?

Mike Panetta ahuitzot at
Wed Feb 27 04:16:00 UTC 2002

I am in the middle of debugging the MRM332 BSP, and I am having a
strange error.  In console_init(), there is a piece of code that links
/dev/sci to /dev/console.  The link command is failing, saying links are
not supported.  What could cause this?  The exact test in link.c that is
failing is this: if ( !parent_loc.ops->link_h ), on line 72 of link.c. 
Does this clue anyone in?  I think this may be all I need to resolve to
get this BSP to work.  Could I not be including some FS or FS option on
the configure line when I am configuring RTEMS that would cause this? 
This has definatly been a fun ride (I had to debug and fix the BDM
driver to even get this far ;), so it will be worth it to see this BSP


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