rtems on a robot

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Feb 6 12:33:10 UTC 2002

Very cool.  Is there a url or pictures yet?


Vivek Vaid wrote:
> (sorry if you get it twice. I guess it did not reach the list last time i
> sent due to dns err.)
> Hi,
> Well, I'd like to inform you all, that I have used rtems to control a
> Six Legged Walking robot which is being built in our lab.
> Each leg has 3 dof.
> The robot stands 6 feet tall, and weighs about 300Kg.
> 12 out of 18 motors are 1 hp motors..
> rtems resides in a 486 industrial motherboard, which remote-boots, and
> allows high level commands to flow in from the network
> (the code is based on netdemo)
> Just finished the first basic code which runs all 18 axis simultaneously.
> Regards,
> Vivek

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