Fwd: RTEMS core: bad work with _Watchdog_* ?

Gerke Kok gerke.kok at tpa-nl.com
Thu Feb 7 09:32:41 UTC 2002

Hi Thomas Doerfler,
this sound verry promissing. But I'd like to stay with my 4.5.0 tree because of all the things I might need to upgrade to get the autoconf etc. to work. I'm really looking forward to this new thing but I'd like to get my 4.5.0 going first. Could you point me out the file that was changed for this fix of the m68k interrupt entry code? Then I'll have a look at the snapshot to get this new code into my 4.5.0 tree. I'd love this to be the answer to my interrupt problem!

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On 06/02/02 at 20:36 Thomas Doerfler wrote:

>I had a similar problem some time ago with the 
>MC68360, after some time (hours...) some 
>interrupts were blocked. The next level symptom 
>was, that some bits in the MC68360 CPIC CISR 
>register were not cleared. 
>Finally we found a _general_ bug/glitch in the 
>RTEMS m68k interrupt entry code. This is fixed 
>now, but I think it was later than the release of 
>RTEMS 4.5.0.  Maybe this helps...
>	Thomas.
>> Is this all on the 68360 BSP? Cause I have some interrupt related
>problems with it. It lloks like some interrupts can disabled after a while
>for no part. reason. It might just be mee but when I read anything like
>this it gets my hopes up the answer is near :-)
>> Thanks anyway,
>> Gerke
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>> On 06/02/02 at 16:10 Ilya Alexeev wrote:
>> >> I have been working offline with Ilya and sent him the suggestion
>> >> to comment out the _ISR_Flash in src/watchdoginsert.c.  Then he should
>> >> have a finer grain view of the problem.
>> >>
>> >> --joel
>> >
>> >Yes, after commenting out _ISR_Flash in src/watchdoginsert.c
>> >my 'stress test' works fine.
>> >
>> >There were a some my incorrectness in the previous letter:
>> >the application worked good with _ISR_Disable/Enable around the 
>> >_Watchdog_Insert_ticks only.
>> >
>> >Ilya.
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