netboot/grub and Redhat 7.2

Jan Suchotzki jsuchotzki at
Sat Feb 9 16:53:51 UTC 2002

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>Chris Caudle wrote:
>>>And .. since grub is in RH 7.2 has anyone used the
>>>grub with the OS to build an RTEMS bootable floppy yet?
>>I'm on it. I have a floppy booting, but RedHat made a couple of changes to
>>support their splash image graphic that displays on boot, so I was working on
>>a RTEMS logo splash image to take advantage of that.
>>GrUB only sets the video mode to 16 color VGA, so I am trying to figure out
>>how to make an RTEMS logo that is 640x480 pixels with only 16 colors in
>>gzipped XPM format that looks decent.
>>I've gotten various combinations of the requirements, but always seem to miss
>>the "looks decent" part when I get it cut down to 16 colors.
>>If anyone on the list is a little more graphics talented than I am, I would
>>appreciate some help with that part.
>Thanks.  I will ask Mark if he can do that.  For now, if you have a grub
>with a hello world, I would love to have it since I can't boot my old
>PC with the old grub I have.  Jeffrey Engel was nice enough to send me
>a real Novell NE2000 ISA card and I want to get it up under RTEMS.  I
>it working now under Windows so I know the net connection is OK.  I just
>can't boot RTEMS on this PC yet.  
>Again thanks.  It will be nice to have up to date instructions and
>boot floppy support.
If you only need the grub image, I can send it to you in a few hours. It 
was made under SuSE7.3.
I can boot a normal Pentium PC with this image. You can choose between 
some of the rtems

>>I'll send you what I have sometime this weekend.
>>-- Chris Caudle

Jan Suchotzki

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