Dos FAT file systemn question

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Tue Feb 12 20:37:27 UTC 2002

Here ya go.

You might have to "register" to get access to the manuals.


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> 64M and up so I'm not sure that Fat12 would work well with that. 

No, I think that is too large for a 12 bit FAT to handle.

> We are looking into the development kit from SanDisk. 
> It looks pretty complete.

Do they have a link for that on their web site?  All I could find was
the ATA 
driver from Hale Landis, misdescribed in the link as an ATA driver/FAT 
Hale has a newer driver available at his website:
I was looking at the code several days ago. It was written for real mode
but I was going to try to port it to protected mode.
It will probably need some work to handle byte swaps for use on
big-endian and 
little endian machines; if you would like help modifying the driver for
use in 
RTEMS let me know, I may have some time to help out.

> Keep me posted on the Fat12 and Fat16 progress. 

It should show up on the mail list, if you are following it regularly.

-- Chris Caudle

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