snapshot build clean up?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Feb 14 00:02:27 UTC 2002

Chris Caudle wrote:
> Joel says:
> > You deleted too much.
> I figured as much.
> RPM to the rescue.  I discovered that rpm --replacepkgs will fix up  the
> installed tools.  Kind of like re-installing without having to uninstall first.
> Note to the new, only do this if you are re-installing the same versions of
> the rpm packages.  I don't know what happens if you try to use that but the
> packages are different versions.

I would hope that RPM would tell you so. :)

> > If you are using RPMs, a simple thing to do is uninstall them,
> > rm -rf /opt/rtems and start over. :)
> And a big thanks to you and Ralf and whomever else was involved in getting the
> RPM install process working. 

I would like to thank Ralf also.  It really has made a lot of
I have hacked a bit here and added gnat RPMs but they are mostly Ralf's
Ralf also contributed the Linux->Cygwin cross RPM specs in contrib
if anyone besides Ralf and I has ever noticed.  I now use those to
build Cygwin hosted tools while comfortable on my fast Linux box. 
I have also used those as baselines to do the same thing for Solaris
but I don't have all the kinks worked out. 

The big things about RPM from my perspective is that everyone is
using the same binary I am so there are fewer problems from tools.
And it certainly makes it easier to switch tool set versions in 
and out.  Much easier to support over all.

> On a recent vintage machine, I can build the
> pc386 bsp in about 3 minutes now, after I have the RPMs installed.  Much nicer
> than when I first started playing with RTEMS on a PentiumPro with 32MB of
> memory and had to build all the tools before I could build the RTOS.
> That was a long coffee break.  :)

I have to concur with you.  I move the development environment 
around a lot more than I used to.  I just upgraded to a 2.2 Ghz machine
from the old dual P2 333 I had used and things just scream.  I now
build about 130 configurations before each snapshot.  Sad to say 
problems till creep through though.

> -- Chris Caudle

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