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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Feb 14 14:09:03 UTC 2002

Bill Knight wrote:
> Bill Butler and I have been in learning mode together with
> the Coldfire processor and RTEMS using Cygwin.  As part of
> the process we have a (not completely tested) version of
> gcc and gdb/Insight for m68k ? Coldfire which incorporates
> the following:
> 1) Dave Fiddes Coldfire extensions r7-20010415
> 2) the RTEMS patches to binutils-2.10 20001107
> 3) the RTEMS patches to newlib-1.9.0 20011113
> 4) the RTEMS patches to gcc-2.95.3 20010622a
> 5) the RTEMS patches to gdb-5.0.3 20020102
> ?
> 6) Chris Johns Coldfire BDM extensions to gdb/Insight
> All were built to co-reside in /opt/m68k-rtems and while gcc
> seems to be operating OK, gdb/Insight has not been tested.
> It loads and presents pretty windows on the screen but
> so far we have nothing to even try to download and debug.
> Also, extraneous files and directories installed by gdb/Insight
> have not been identified and removed.
> I will happily place this tarball into someones hands
> to post for access by all.  Joel - is this something that
> should go there or elsewhere?

I'm happy to place a collective set of patches in a contrib directory
but it would be nice to know which parts have not been merged.  For
example, the binutils 2.12 release branch should have been cut last
weekend so verifying that has all binutils patches is valuable.
Similarly newlib 1.10 is out and it would be nice to know about it
as well.  I already know one minor i386 problem with it and have
asked about he possibility of a 1.10.1.

Long term, it is better to get things merged but until then,
we are happy to make things available.

> Regards.
> -Bill Knight
> R O SoftWare
> On Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:52:36 +0800, Paul Whitfield wrote:
> ???snip???
> ?On a related note there seems to be several different variations
> ?of the Coldfire / 68k gcc arround.. Has anyone made any
> ?progress on unifying them
> ?
> ?Namely:
> ?
> ?Fiddes release
> ?uClinux version
> ?rtems version...
> ?
> ?Best regards
> ?
> ?Paul

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