Debugging on Tattletale 68332 (CPU32) target

Matthew J Fletcher amimjf at
Sun Feb 24 19:28:03 UTC 2002

On Sunday 24 Feb 2002 5:17 pm, Robert S. Grimes wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to get started with debugging using GDB.  I'm not sure how to go
> about it.  Given that my target is a CPU32, I would like to use BDM.  How
> do I get started?  Does anyone have a good reference?

ok this is all from memory so dont take it for gospel, but i have had it 
working, which is nice.

first of all you need some hardware, either a self built wiggler, or one 
bought from a suppplier (they are about 50 - 100 pounds). a wiggler is
just a hardware bitshifter and some electronics to convert a parrallel port
signal into a compable signal for the CPU32 bdm interface.

the gdb / bdm drivers that i used (they ones for gdb 4.1x) can be downloaded
from the web (as can the gdb 5.0x) ones after searching for 'bdm driver', if
your having much trouble i can mail some pachtes over.

you said u wanted to use gdb, i dont know on which platform, but if your 
using cygwin you will need the gdb patch and a windows lowlevel bdm driver.

im presuming your using linux here, if your a bsd guy (or using some 
commerical unix then you will need some other lowlevel bdm driver)

the bdm patches floating around tend to include a linux driver, unfortnalty 
these dont seem to have been maintained, they work great on 2.2.x kernels
(i remeber 2.2.8 through 2.2.16 all working just fine), but they wont compile 
on 2.4.x based systems (well there werre quite allot of problems with very 
early 2.4 kernels (2.4.1 - 2.4.4), and there is no hope now to much has 

this is because of the way the device driver interface has changed over time,
of its the version of the source includes that important, distros around the 
time of redhat 6.x should be ok, or you will have to grab the 2.2.x sources 
(2.2.20 i think), and built it yourself, not that its that difficult.

once you've done that its just a follow the documentation job,..

patch gdb (4.x) - i never got early gdb 5.0x relaeses to work but you mihgt 
have more luck,.

configure the bdm driver

build the driver,..

install / insmod the driver,.

start gdb on your dev box and tell it to connect to the bdm interface...

send bdm commands to setup your debug target,.

have fun,..

p.s dont use gdb directly, its not very much fun (unless you only have a 
telnet session into a linux box),.. use ddd instead is much better and will 
simply wrap gdb.


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