network initialization hangs

Sachin K sachin at
Tue Jul 16 08:03:28 UTC 2002


from past 3 days i'm experimenting with network driver and bsp settings.

i have installed pc386 BSP on RedHat Linux 7.2

i'm trying to execute ntpdemo provided in netdemos-4.5.0 .

when i boot with ntpdemo.exe my pc hangs at 
"rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network ();" routine .

i have tried the following bsp.h settings.

#define BSP_3C509_NETWORK_DRIVER_NAME		"ep0"
#define BSP_3C509_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH		rtems_3c509_driver_attach

result : fail to find board

#if 0
#define RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH	rtems_dec21140_driver_attach

result : DEC PCI not found !

#if 1

#define RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH	rtems_wd_driver_attach

result : program hangs in "rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network ();" routine.

#define BSP_NE2000_NETWORK_DRIVER_NAME		"ne0"
#define BSP_NE2000_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH	rtems_ne_driver_attach

result: program hangs in "rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network ();" routine.

PS : i have RealTek network card "RTL 8139 "

can anyone tell me whatz happening ??

Thanks In Advance 


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