Computer cluster, new bsp ?

Salman unix at
Fri Jul 19 12:00:18 UTC 2002

Hi again,

I've decided to start working on my final year project.
project: RTEMS on a SCI based computer cluster

We're using Dolphin SCI network cards. As far as I can see, this simply
implies porting Linux drivers to RTEMS drivers. Hopefully they shouldn't be
much different from standard ethernet cards. Any comments or suggestions
regarding this are most welcome.

The computer clusters are a set of simple P2 Intel processors, PC686. The
question is, knowing that there aleady exists a bsp for pc386, how should I
go about this "computer cluster" thing ? new bsp? if not, what section
should I modify, or what do I need to add to existing RTEMS to work on a
cluster ??

I have a feeling I should feedle around with Multi-processor support section
of RTEMS, but am not so sure.

Any helps, replys, comments and suggestions are much appreciated.


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