Remote debugging

Eric Norum eric.norum at
Fri Jul 26 20:29:32 UTC 2002

Where's the documentation on setting up remote debugging for an 
i386-rtems/pc386 target?
   (note to Joel -- It's a real pain that the Search button on the OAR 
web server still doesn't work!)

I've downloaded the source and patches from the OAR snapshot page:

I've applied the patches but when I try to configure I get
% ../gdb-5.2/configure --target=i386-RTEMS
../gdb-5.2/configure: read-only variable: PWD [152]
Configuring for a powerpc-apple-darwin5.5 host.
Invalid configuration `i386-RTEMS': system `RTEMS' not recognized
Unrecognized target system name i386-RTEMS.

If I configure with --target=i386-rtems I can build gdb, but it doesn't 
build the RPC/XDR routines for remote debugging.

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