Problem with default gateway

Ilya Alexeev ilya at
Wed Jul 17 17:41:54 UTC 2002

Hello Mirko,

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 you wrote:

>> But nothing happens :(
>> rtrequest function can't understand that the is
>> directly reachable from the eth0.
>> What I am doing wrong?
>> How to assign default route through such "almost" directly connected network?
>> Can anyone help me?
>> Best regards,
>> Ilya

MM> Is it possible that RTEMS does not forward "foreign" packets?
MM> I.e. did you set ipforwarding to 1 (netinet/ip_input.c)?
Yes, ipforwarding = 1.

MM> Also, as I understand, adding route means that the RTEMS board will
MM> SEND packets through some device. If you are not able to RECEIVE
MM> packets, maybe you should change net mask for your network interface,
MM> or even switch it to promiscuous mode (if applicable).

I am not able to add the default route.

IMHO, playing netmask and promiscuous mode doesn't help me :)

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