Problem with default gateway

Vyacheslav V. Burdjanadze wr at
Fri Jul 19 18:34:56 UTC 2002

Ilya Alexeev suggest to patch rtrequest (for those interested) to solve 
problem. He tested it, I tested it too on two Motorola PPC 860 boards.

This is patched fragment of rtrequest function..

         case RTM_ADD: 

                 if ((flags & RTF_GATEWAY) && !gateway) 

                         panic("rtrequest: GATEWAY but no gateway"); 


                 if ((ifa = ifa_ifwithroute(flags, dst, gateway)) == 0) 

                         struct rtentry *rt1 = rtalloc1(gateway,0,0UL); 

                         if (rt1) { 


                             ifa = rt1->rt_ifa; 


                             if (!ifa) 








Assume you have two boards connected directly by their interfaces with 
addresses and You should add route to 
remote network by issuing rtrequest, and then add gateway that resides 
in remote (non local) network as Ilya suggest in his posts above.


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