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Thu Jun 20 01:30:14 UTC 2002

I'm not sure how it's done on RTEMS, but with VxWorks I use:

Controller LUN =00?
Device LUN    = 00?
Get/Put    =G?
File Name  =? myfilename.bin
Memory Address =0000E000? 0020008
Length =00000000?
Byte Offset =00000000?

Then, after the transfer is complete:

162-Bug>mm 20000
00020000 46FC? 0000
00020002 3700? 1000
00020004 6000? ff80
00020006 0036? 0008
00020008 46FC? .


162-Bug>pflash 20000:100000 ffa00000

Which moves the program to flash memory.

After this I change the jumper to have the system boot from flash and away
it goes.

I think what this does (I'm really just following directions... verbatum) is
first moves the image into RAM on the 162, then patches the start address at
the start of what was loaded, then transfers the result to flash.

I haven't tried it, but you can probably use:

162-Bug>g 20008

immediately after loading the program into ram without using the pflash.


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> Hi,
>    I'm building the mvme162 bsp. I have the hello.exe file built, and an
> objdump shows that the file starts at 0x0 with the text starting at
> 0x20000. Using the niot and nbo 162bug commands to load at 0x0 and
> execute from 0x20000 fails because it is illegal to load to 0x0. Should
> the exe start from 0? If not, does anyone have a working linkcmds file
> for this? Or hints on what to change.
> Thanks,
> Pete.
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