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joel at joel at
Thu Jun 20 09:09:20 UTC 2002

Quoting Glen M Cornell <cornell at>:

> hello,
> What's the possibility of using ptrace() (found in 
> c/src/librdbg/ptrace.c) on its own.  In other words, if I want to single 
> step through a process from another process, such as a target-resident 
> shell, would the ptrace interface be the place to do it?  

This I can't answer. Sorry.  Perhaps someone else can.

> What if I don't want any networking, is there a way to easily detach 
> ptrace from the rpc/networking code?
> would anyone have any objections to splitting up librdbg into two
> libraries:
> libdbg - ptrace and below
> librdbg - networking code that uses libdbg

I would not object.  In particular, would librbg include all the
CPU specific code for exception handling?  If so, this would 
be appreciated as I have viewed it as a low priority thing
to separate out.  Remember we want to generally separate out
generic code from CPU and BSP dependent code and get a BSP Kit.
It sounds like this would be doing that for librdbg.

> thanks,
> glenco


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