libraries defining tty_drv.h interface

Jeff Mayes jeff.mayes at
Thu Jun 20 15:24:32 UTC 2002

This one bounced so I'm forwarding it.

Originally from:  billb at


I'm not sure if I can help.. but I am playing with the same driver.

I'm trying to get the repeated_open from Example_4.5.0 to work and have
made some progress but still have not got it up :(. How hard can it be?

I think what your asking is this .. You need to include the IO manager
and then do a bit of special definitions to get it to work.

You need to define 

rtems_driver_address_table Device_drivers[] = {

and then define


before including <confdefs.h>

This "should" install the tty driver .. I am even not getting a message
that it initializes the ttyS1 Driver but I get a error number returned
on an    

fd = open("/dev/ttyS1",O_RDWR);!!

I have included the example file that I had to modify a little from the
example to make it compile and get this far.

If you get the ttyS1 to work please let me know.

If someone that has been down this road before on the i386Bsp serial
driver please chime in!


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