How to remove the unnecessary I/O code?

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Thu Jun 20 22:27:16 UTC 2002

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> Hello, all.
> 	When somebody is stupid, he remains such forever...
> 	I am still unable to understand how can one rid off unnecessary code. In my
> configuration I can not have console and there is no need in IMFS and its 
> descendants, but I do need networking.

RTEMS follows the POSIX device driver model so devices have names
in the filesystem.  You have to have that much of a filesystem
and that is the miniIMFS.  I suppose there could be a hacked
filesystem which managed a simple list of device names but there
isn't anything smaller than the miniIMFS at the moment.  I would
be happy to hack together such an animal given funding.

> 	What is the simplest way to detach console code (and still be able to use 
> sprintf, or this is impossible)?

include references to code in the console files from the BSP init 
path so it gets linked in via that even though you technically
don't need it.  Check where the reference is coming from if 
not defining it ifor confdefs isn't enough.

> 	How to remove IMFS?

you get the mini-IMFS which is the smallest configuration at this
time.  With the mini-IMFS, only enough to support device nodes
is included.

> 	A point to a description or some hints (for stupids) will be highly 
> appreciated. Thanks ahead.

I hope this helps.


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