svme-171 target download

Glen M Cornell cornell at
Tue May 7 15:38:02 UTC 2002

Shanmugavel Ponnusamy wrote:

>    i have been trying for the past few days to download the S-records
>from my Linux mandrake host system to svme-171 target system through
>serial cable. i am using minicom to communicate through the serial line.
>i have tried every file transfer protocol in minicom to transfer the
>file to target system. i was able to download the file to target system
>when i used text file transfer of hyper terminal on windows machine.
>please give me some tips if anyone of you have transfered S-records from
>UNIX host to DY4 dmv/svme cards.
don't all dy4 cards come with a program called flashprog?  I thought 
that application allowed you to burn the kernel directly into flash 
using this tool that runs on a pc.  Check with your docs (or contact 
tech support at dy4).

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