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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue May 7 18:07:06 UTC 2002

Leon Pollak wrote:
> Thanks, Joel and Ralf.
>         Is there any help/doc, that I can read about this? If yes, please, disregard
> all the text below.
>         I use last snapshot on RedHat 7.2.
>         Meanwhile, I downloaded
>         but they where installed into /opt/rtems/bin. Can I substitute (by copy into
> /usr/bin) my "native" autoXXX by these or they are RTEMS specific?

They are not really RTEMS specific.  We are just avoiding forcibly
upgrading your
system and breaking other packages which are not at the same versions of

/opt/rtems/bin must be first in your path to use these versions.

>         I tried to run bootstrap from c/src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/ directory after
> correcting acinclude.m4, but it says that there is no VERSION file.
>         An attempt to run it from the rtems top dir produces:
> [leonp at leonp rtems-ss-20020301]$ ./bootstrap
> require version 1.5, but have 1.4-p5
> autoconf: No such file or directory
> ./c/make
> autoconf: No such file or directory
> ./c/src/exec
> /usr/bin/m4: No such file or directory
> require version 1.5, but have 1.4-p5
> include/ require version 1.5, but have 1.4-p5.........
> The version line is clear. But will the line about disappear
> after all?

I think your PATH has /opt/rtems/bin after the system auto* tools. 

> Many thanks
> --
> leonp at

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