svme-171 target download

Michael P. Collins mcollins at
Tue May 7 23:12:10 UTC 2002

On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 11:39:00AM -0400, Shanmugavel Ponnusamy wrote:
>     i have been trying for the past few days to download the S-records
> from my Linux mandrake host system to svme-171 target system through
> serial cable. i am using minicom to communicate through the serial
> line.  i have tried every file transfer protocol in minicom to
> transfer the file to target system. i was able to download the file to
> target system when i used text file transfer of hyper terminal on
> windows machine.  please give me some tips if anyone of you have
> transfered S-records from UNIX host to DY4 dmv/svme cards.

Aaron Grier wrote:
> with minicom, under the "file transfer protocols" menu, try playing
> around around with the options to ascii-xfr program.  it may be
> something simple like cr/lf translation.

  I've struggled with this in the past.  At least up through minicom-1.82.1,
which I'm currently using, I've found that ASCII downloads tend to proceed
for a few tens to hundreds of characters, then mysteriously cease.  (I
won't detail how much effort I wasted debugging my console driver before
I determined that the problem was at the far end of the cable.)  A
solution is to keep another window open and simply copy the file to the
serial port from another shell.  This is 100% reliable.  You don't need
to exit minicom to use this trick.

  You might want to disable character echoing on the target when downloading
S-records, if possible.

				-- MC --

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