MP3 player, IDE interface

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Wed May 8 05:05:38 UTC 2002


On Tue, 7 May 2002, Peter Mueller wrote:

> Hi RTEMS users,
> I want to build a MP3 player based on a 332 board / VS1001 MP3 Decoder and 
> an IDE Disk to store music files. VS1001 seems to be no problem. Hard
> disk access and especially the files system seems to be much harder to
> achieve.

Two filesystems are currently available in RTEMS - IMFS and DOSFS. IMFS -
is in-memory filesystem and hence is not appropriate for you. DOSFS is
MSDOS-like(and compatible:) filesystem and available since rtems snapshot
at 01 of March.

Also currently noboby has announced any driver for IDE disks for RTEMS,
but floppy driver was announced. 

> Has anybody already built a hard disk driver for rtems? 

As I know - nobody.

>I need no DMA. 
> PIO mode is ok.
> Any other hints?
> Thanks,
> Peter
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