termios and non-blocking write()

Daniel Néri dne at mayonnaise.net
Fri May 10 12:26:14 UTC 2002


"Aaron J. Grier" <aaron at frye.com> writes:

> also, where did 100ms granularity for VTIME come from?

I'm guessing that the people who came up with the API never imagined
it would be used in a real-time environment...

> I'm considering breaking it, and curious if there are any other
> implementations of termios that have done this "nicely."

I had this problem on NetBSD a while ago where I needed a 30ms
VTIME. I ended up hacking the kernel to use a spare c_cc[] entry as a
flag, which if non-zero, provides microsecond VTIME granularity. I'm
not sure if I'd call it "nice", but at least it doesn't break other
parts of the userland that don't know about this "extension".

Best wishes,

Daniel Neri
dne at mayonnaise.net

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