Viruses on the mailing list

Fernando RUIZ CASAS correo at
Thu May 16 19:56:32 UTC 2002

All the windows executables. .vbs .js , ...

Here only .txt, tgz, .patch tar.gz .diff
but never executables.

The mcaffe list extension to explore are these

.asp .bat .cdr .com .csc .dl? .doc .dot .exe .gms .hlp .ht? .ini .js? .ocx
.ole .ov? .pot .pp? .rtf .scr .shs .smm .sys .vbs .vs? .vxd .wbk .wpd .xl?


A least I think this a very useful list to exclude from this list.


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> Asunto: Re: Viruses on the mailing list
> "Rude, Randy [Cont]" wrote:
> >
> > Is it time to disallow attachments on this list?  Two viruses in as many
> > days...
> Not all attachments -- data oriented patches are OK.  But I do feel that
> in general forbidding executable attachments is at least as effective as
> virus scan.
> This morning Jeff disallowed a number of mime types from this list.  He
> is adding .com and .bat at my request.  He should post a full list
> shortly.
> If he missed any, point it out.
> >         Randy
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