VME boards was Re: How to build tests?

Ling SM sm.ling at i-pal.com
Fri May 17 02:14:52 UTC 2002

Thanks to Joel, Wayne and Till for educating me on the various VME platforms
that could work with RTEMS. The information is very helpful.

Now I have some keyword for searching on the application pages.

Thanks !

Cheers, Ling SM
Till wrote:
 Till wrote a BSP (derived from powerpc/mvme2307) for
 + Synergy microsystem's VGM series powerpc VME boards
 with VME support.

Joel Sherrill wrote:
 RTEMS certainly supports a number of VME boards.  From memory:

  + Motorola M68k and PowerPC VME boards
     mvme135/136, 147, 162, 162lx, 167, mme230x
  + Radstone PPC2 (BSP was written by Radstone and
      should be general enough to support other boards)
  + DY-4 152, 177
  + Vista Score603e
  + Cyclone CVME961 (OLD but probably updateable to
      a newer board)

Wayne Bullaughey  wrote:
 Communication Automation Corporation sells a VME board which has an IDT
 32367 MIPS processor. An RTEMS BSP is provided with the board. The board
 also supports 6 mezzanine module sites which can be populated with other 
 MIPS processors including IDT 4700, 5000 and QED 7000. RTEMS is also
 supported for the MIPS modules. The mezzanine sites can alternately be
 populated with various DSP processors or interface modules such as ATM,
 Ethernet, E1, T1 or audio. For more information on this product see 

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