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Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail) fernando.ruiz at
Fri May 17 08:18:54 UTC 2002

But if you need to use Cad,PCB,Analizer,EMulator,Programmers,bla,bla,bla...
Can you help me to find this kind of software in linux?
Sorry but while at least 85% of OS are M$ the software will be M$

I am in a LAN with several computers that they share the same server for all
Printer, email, backup, ...

Needs the staff change the OS because the engineers want Linux/Unix like

Is Wine M$ in linux perhaphs?
What is the need os this project?
Perhaphs is not there enough software linux availiable?

I like Linux but the real world is the real world.

I like work ever in linux console, vi and the hard tools from the unix

I can find them ever in linux/unix.

Even in cygwin.

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I can't believe that so many people are still using MS.
For 5 or 6 years now the only MS I have used is at work
for reading (mostly work related) email? At home, and
anywhere that serious work is done, its either Unix (work)
and Linux (work and home) so viruses are not an issue.

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