Problem building C++ Program

Dieter Schaefer Dieter.B.Schaefer at
Mon Nov 11 13:56:43 UTC 2002

Hello all,
I'm in the middle of porting RTEMS SS-20021007 to a PowerPC based board. So far, 
things went quite successful. The included samples like hello.exe, ticker.exe, 
cdtest.exe etc. work as expected.
Now I have problems to get my own C++ programs build. I've started with Makefile.leaf 
found in /opt/rtems/make/Template. It works ok for plain C programs, however it fails 
to build C++ programs. (Looks like it doesn't link the proper libraries)
Any suggestions what to add or modify?

Another question related to this template Makefile.leaf is how to generate a linker 
map? The parameter "-Map" is either not passed to the linker, or not 
recognized by gcc. All I could go to work was the "-M" option ... sending the linker map 
to stdout.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated.


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