Does anyone have remote gdb protocol info

Steven Grunza steven_grunza at
Wed Nov 13 20:09:11 UTC 2002

I'm running into numerous problems with the tools we recently 
purchased.  The latest is the software portion of the tool can't find the 
sources.....  I would really like to just use gdb but the hardware portion 
of the debugger doesn't understand the gdb remote protocol.

The hardware portion of the debugger has it's own protocol but it connects 
to the software portion by Ethernet.  With a little experimentation I 
should be able to figure out the hardware's protocol.

Then all I would need is to write a small protocol translator to convert 
gdb's remote protocol into the hardware's protocol (both directions, of 

Does anyone know where the protocol used by gdb when using

                 target remote hostname:portnum

is documented?  The "Debugging with GDB" document gives some clues but I'm 
working on a slightly different approach.  Section 16 mentions the 
gdbserver program that runs on the target system and connects to the 
host.  In theory I should be able to reverse engineer gdbserver but my 
guess is that the protocol it uses to talk to the host is documented 
somewhere.  The sparc-stub.c file is mentioned as a starting point but an 
actual document on the protocol would be better.

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