Re EXTRA_DIST and configure

Francesco Poletti fpoletti at
Thu Nov 14 09:30:20 UTC 2002

Thanks for the answer,I have some problems whit the of my
board because I made It starting from another board (arm_bare_bsp) and I
wasn't able to disable the build of some directories which now aren't
AAfter,I have another problems:I wasn't able to disable the building of
hthe tests lib. Whit the options --disable-test in the configure when I
put the command make all install, rtems want to build the tests
library...First I try also with no options but I have the same problems.
When I looked at the file of the c/src directory   I have
seen that there wasn't an if command on the building of test, like this
I put the command:
  [AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-tests],[enable building test
AS_IF([test x"$enable_tests" = x"yes"],[

And the things seem to work, do you think that is a normal things or I
have made an error?
Thanks for the answer Francesco
> Francesco,
> See the link suggested by Ralf about the autotools,
> It provides an explanation of this (page 151 of my dead tree copy)
> "Sometimes you have to distribuyte files that are not covered 
> automatically. It is easy to add addtion files to a distribution; just 
> list them in the macro 'EXTRA_DIST'.
> Are you just trying to understand how the auto-tools process works,
> or are you trying to do something else?

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