Dynamic Libraries

Chris Johns cjohns at cybertec.com.au
Fri Nov 8 21:13:18 UTC 2002

Angelo Fraietta wrote:

> I see what you are saying.

It is PR46, so the intention to allow a single memory space but it has 
not happened.

> What I am currently doing is that I have the target on a DIMMPC, so 
> when I want to change the code, I have to physically remove the 
> DIMMPC, and plug it into the development board.

Having to move hardware like this is never good for it.

> I could get around this by writing the new file through the comm port 
> to the flash disk onto the DIMMPC to replace the file that is already
> there. I could write it to a temporary file name (in case the download
> crashed for some reason), and then rename it after a complete and
> successful download (I am using GRUB on a FAT filesystem).

I tend to use this way. My reasons are not technical but relate to 
configuration control. I know what the image is, how it is built, what 
was tested, and what was in any specific target.

> My only concern is that it is possible that the target downloaded does
> not work and the device would come back to me to do the change physically.

This is the hard part, but I suspect this problem exists which ever way 
you choose to go.

  Chris Johns, cjohns at cybertec.com.au

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