RTEMS on MCP750 and MTX-60x, for Eric Valette

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Nov 8 23:36:41 UTC 2002

Valette Eric writes:
 > gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
 > Hi gregory,
 > >  > As I have been fired recently, the Canon address is indeed no more 
 > >  > valid. Any interesting job near Rennes (West France) appreciated :-)
 > > 
 > > I love France, but don't know of employment opportunities there
 > > unfortunately...
 > This was not mean to you but who knows who read the mailling list
 > :-)

I figured something like that- but I do love France anyhow.

 > > The cache config issue manifests in the bootloader but once that runs,
 > > RTEMS comes up fine. 
 > The actual MPC750 boot loader is a bit complicated but in 99, the 
 > official linux PPC prep boot was failing on MCP750. I had to pick up and 
 > use another one writen by Gabriel Paubert. Today I would probably use 
 > ppcboot even if is primarily target is more the embedded ones (e.g 8xx) 
 > as it runs on so many platforms or use plain linux boot code that is 
 > very simple and indeed now working.

The trouble relates to cache setup and the mmu enabling, the other
stuff looks fine.  Once the kernel is running, your cache setup works
fine, so the bsp runs with full caches.  I think the 603 is somehow
sensitive to cache/mmu setup in a way the 604/750+ devices are not.

Most of my problem is lack of experience with the ppc, which I'm
getting but the learning curve for this stuff takes a while to get
over.  I can get RTEMS to reliably start on the 603 right now, but I'm
not understanding yet how my variations on the bootloader cache setup
are working.  Its only a matter of time at this point I think.

I don't think Joel would be enthusiastic about switching bootloaders
just now... ;)

 > > Interestingly, an RTEMS image that runs on our MTX-603 board also runs
 > > just fine on our MCP-750.  The chipsets are quite similar.
 > Just probably very sub-obtimal concerning cache, compiler optimisation 
 > and so on.

I'm sure- I thought it was an interesting curiosity.

 > BTW : using reply, I receive an error message on your email address...

The sysadmins around here seem to keep everyone guessing by randomly
bringing the email redirector up and down... ;)


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