RTEMS on MCP750 and MTX-60x, for Eric Valette

Valette Eric eric.valette at free.fr
Tue Nov 12 09:01:40 UTC 2002

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:

> I think I'll give your idea a try- some of the stuff in the bootloader
> related to identifying the various segments is very strange and I
> don't like some aspects of how its implemented. 

However, this bootlaoder has also unique feature that makes it really 
nice ans superior to others (from memory) :
	1) It is fully relocatable. Thus can be loaded at any place. This is 
the rason why the linux boot loader does work on many machines. Then it 
dynamically finishe part of the relocation,
	2) It worked on more motorolla board than the original linux one in 99,

 > Since there are newer
> ppc devices, it will probably be useful to keep the bootloader
> somewhat current- it might make future bsp's a little easier.

Sure. That is the reason I said you probably should invest your time in 
a more recent/alive work. I think ppcboot is the obvious candidate but I 
do not know if it will work for MBX high end ppc board. Nevertheless, 
now that the 8260 has a 603e core, at least concerning 603 CPU init it 
should work...

> I was very pleased when I got it to come up.  Its possible that MTX
> boards are popular. 

Sure they are in the telecom/data processing.

> They also come in SMP versions- ours is not

You mean lossely coupled SMP? or real symetric SMP boards?

> unfortunately, but wouldn't it be fun to make RTEMS SMP compliant?

Making rtems symetric SMP compliant, would require some major redesign 
and at least a walthrough of any file as most looking mechanism assume 
IRQ masked ==> enter criticql region. IMHO.

> I quite like the ppc.  I'm coming from the Mongoose R3000 bsp, which
> is a much more primitive processor.  Theres nothing much bad about it,
> but the ppc is MUCH fancier.  I wonder how a R4000 compares to the
> ppc.

The R3000 has many shortcoming regarding OS support. But now they are 

-- eric

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