Linux distribution

Sudheesh J sudheesh at ATINAV.COM
Thu Nov 14 03:35:48 UTC 2002

If I understood your problem, I have successfully compiled a BSP(pc386) on
my Redhat 7.3 box from rtems ss-20021007.
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Subject: Linux distribution

> In the past I've used RTEMS 4.5.0 with cygwin tool.
> New snapshot release cooming without cygwin support tools so I must use
> Linux how Host.
> I can have the RedHat 7.3 Linux version already installed in headquarters
> of my factory.
> Before to require and install that, is it a valid host environment for
> rtems tool-chain ?
> What is the best (another version, another type eg:SUSE, MANDRAKE) ?
> Thank you
> Silverio

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