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Paul Whitfield paulw at microsol.iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 14 02:05:59 UTC 2002

howard wrote:
> Hi all.
>     I am porting RTEMS to ARM7 (in windows 2000).
>     The compiler I used is not GCC. It's another one for ARM.

This is probably a very brave thing to do :-)

I would probably be a better plan to use GCC (if possible)
as that is the standard supported option.

>     The problem is that I can't find some header files while compile link.
>     I've downloaded some header files from Linux.
>     But there are so many files which I want and the file names are the 
> same.
>     I am confused about which one I really want.
>     Please help me !
>     (tell me what paths will be used while compile link)
Down this path lies madness and despair!

Just copying files about to satisfy dependencies is not a good plan.

As far as I know all header files you need come as part of the
RTEMS the packages, some are in the gcc / newlib packages.

You will also need to have a version of the standard c library that
will play nicely with RTEMS. (See previous advice about using gcc)

This sounds like you are in for a very steep learning curve!

>     Thanks in advance.
>     Best Regards!
>     Howard.

For future reference you really need to provide a lot more
information if you expect people to be able to help you!

Hope that helps


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