Booting RTEMS

Moran, Chris cmoran at
Thu Nov 14 12:05:48 UTC 2002

I have VMWare 3.1 running RTEMS apps.  Build the system with a "linux"
configuration.  I had trouble with other configs, but this works just
fine for me.

Hope this helps 

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Hi all,
    I'm happy to tell you that I have successfully
booted my i686 machine in to the helloworld and many
other small executives using grub using the 'root 
xxxx', 'kernel xxxx' and 'boot' commands. Still I
wonder why the method mentioned in my last mail didn't
work out. It seems that grub is not able to read from
my floppy disk after booting.
     I have also installed VMware, but still don't
know how to boot rtems using it. I tried the same grub
boot floppy. But when I tried to set the hard drive as
root file system grub complained of an invalid
partition table. It seems that the format of the
vmware virtual harddrive is confusing grub .. I will
have to study the vmware help files in detail to find
it out.. 
 Any other ways with VmWare than using grub boot
thanks for your support and suggestions,

--- Joe Samuel <sjoe2 at> wrote: > Hi all,
>    I tried to make a boot disk using as described in
> the mail
> using grub 0.92. But on the second step mentioned in
> the instructions(making the second floppy bootable)
> the command failed with an error 'file not found'. I
> couldn't interpret nothing but that grub fails to
> read
> the contents of the second floppy.. I tried
> switching
> to grub 0.4, the one mentioned in the mail, but that
> too didn't help. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? 
> I'm using Redhat 7.3 and have heard that using the
> grub coming with the it can help in building the
> disk.. and right now I'm trying how to do that..
>  btw, I'v heard that we can load rtems on a VMware
> virtual machine... How to do that? 
> thanks in advance,
> Joe.
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