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Mon Nov 18 16:51:51 UTC 2002

On Monday, November 18, 2002, at 10:14  AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Imran Ali wrote:
>> I'm new to this list and to RTEMS. Please correct if I'm wrong. From
>> the RTEMS debugger server specification
>> b_specs/rgdb_specs00013.html, I can tell you that you need to
>> implement your own debugger server. But for that you need to be a bit
>> geeky. You'll need to search for Sun's RPC, implement a lots of
>> things, etc.. etc.. I hope somebody in this list might have a
>> prototype for that.  But why don't RTEMs sources include such a
>> prototype or a debugger server implementation.
> Are you in Eric Norum's class or just using his documentation? :)
> I can't believe he would leave students to write a debugger
> stub as a first exercise in a lab.

Hey, after my lectures the students are *good*.  :-)
But maybe not *that* good.....

FWIW, the lab sessions associated with my class use Motorola MC68360 
devices and do debugging with the Background Debug Mode port on the 
68360 and an adapter box between the target processor and a PC parallel 
port.  Almost as good as an In-Circuit Emulator, but a whole lot 
cheaper.  No GDB stubs at all in the target processor!

The documentation mentioned above is just a mirror of the OAR 
documents.  I keep a copy locally to give my students faster access.

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