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Joe Samuel sjoe2 at
Tue Nov 19 16:16:08 UTC 2002

I also agree that Eric Norum's mail was more than
helpful to me, but still I'm got stuck somewhere. The
remote debugger stub prints out messages to indicate
that it has been started on COM2. But when I tried to
connect to it from my Linux host, nothing works.
I used
#i386-rtems-gdb -b 38400

  >target remote /dev/ttyS1

Then GDB just keeps mum. When I press cntrl+c it says
could not connect to remote target. 
  I ensured the physical link using miniterm. What
should be wrong with gdb? Can anyone help out?

 --- Imran Ali <ali_imran at> wrote: 
<P>Hey, I juse came across that documentation in the
web and now I know
that it's same as <A
<P>I'm not in Eric Norum's, but after seeing his
advice to Joe, I wish I
had been.. :-)<BR></P><PRE>>
>Imran Ali wrote:
>> I'm new to this list and to RTEMS. Please
correct if I'm wrong.
>> the RTEMS debugger server specification
>> b_specs/rgdb_specs00013.html, I can tell you
that you need to
>> implement your own debugger server. But for
that you need to be a
>> geeky. You'll need to search for Sun's RPC,
implement a lots of
>> things, etc.. etc.. I hope somebody in this
list might have a
>> prototype for that.  But why don't RTEMs
sources include such a
>> prototype or a debugger server
>Are you in Eric Norum's class or just using his
documentation? :)
>I can't believe he would leave students to write a
>stub as a first exercise in a lab. 
>On many boards, there is already a debug stub with
the BSP.  It
>is just a matter of turning it on.  On others, it
is a matter
>of providing the board specific hook routines for
>> >Does RTEMS include a RGDBSD
implementation? Or am
>> I
>> >supposed to implement my own server for
>> >debugging? Please help.
>> >Joe.
>> >
>> > --- Joe Samuel <sjoe2 at>
wrote: > Hi all,
>> >>     can anybody tell me how to debug
rtems through a
>> >> serial port/Ethernet?
>> >>         I've gone through the RTEMS
GDB server
>> >> specification. That means I have to
write my on
>> >> debug
>> >> server rt? RTEMS don't have any
built in debug
>> >> server
>> >> implementations? If so how to invoke
them? Does
>> >> there
>> >> exist any guidelines other than the
server spec?
>> >> thank you for your responses,
>> >> Joe
>> >>
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