OpenCVS was Re: Anyone using ACE with RTEMS?

Jack Cawkwell J.Cawkwell at
Mon Nov 25 08:26:33 UTC 2002

Opencv did once depended on a proprietary intel library,
but the latest version does not. A couple of years ago
it didnot compile properly under linux, but the latest
version I have looked at compiles OK. The examples work
straight out of the box. The only problem I have with it
is that it is written in a very old fashion style of C,
very much not OO. It is also written as wrappers to low
level functions, so for the few routines I need I have
tried to use C++ objects to wrap the lower level routines.

On a plus side, the routines do seem to work very well.
I have had difficulties with the calibration functions,
but do have something now that does the job.


joel.sherrill at writes:
>Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>> Am Fre, 2002-11-22 um 08.50 schrieb Jack Cawkwell:
>> > Joel,
>> >
>> > OpenCV is an image processing package from Intel, written in old
>> > C and its open source.
>> Last time, I looked into OpenCV (opencv_007) [1], it came with a couple
>> of closed source, binary-only libs. I haven't looked into newer
>> versions, yet.
>According to the sourceforge project site for opencvlibrary, it is
>now a BSD license and the copying file at the top of that distribution
>looks to be a vanilla BSD style license.  But it does have a not in
>the FAQ that you have to have Intel's Image Processing Library so
>that must be what you remember.  But even that's contradicted by
>this on Intel's OpenCV site:
>Q2: I want a Linux version of the Intel¨ Image Processing Library, where
>do I get this?
>A2: OpenCV no longer depends on the Image Processing Library.
>The end result is that I don't have a clue what the current
>version depends on.  Jack.. could you enlighten me?
>> Ralf
>> [1] I considered using it for work outside of and not related to RTEMS,
>> but didn't use it in the end.
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